About Us

Bonnet Bandits offers you a luxury collection of, beautifully designed, hair wear and care items, made of premium charmeuse silk.

Whether you are looking to protect you hair as you sleep; maintain your style through your daily workout or activities,  or simply retain your hair’s moisture and reduce frizz as you lounge around and prepare for your day – Bonnet Bandits has got you (and your hair) covered.

Lux Bonnets, Wraps, and Pillowcases

Our Lux Line of Bonnets, Wraps, and Pillowcases can replace the convenience store products that slip off during use, stretch out of shape, and leave your tresses unkept and frizzy.   These products are made with 100% charmeuse silk, with a silk lined elastic band to protect your edges.

Ace / Duece

Our Ace / Duece line is perfect for preserving the look and longevity of your protective styles, such as locs, braids, twists and extensions.   These silk products can also be worn under cotton and wool hats to provide an extra layer of protection.


Our HydroCaps are specially designed to control moisture.   You can use these caps to keep moisture out during a shower or keep moisture in during a conditioning treatment.   Like our other lines, the Hydrocaps come in fun and stylish designs and different sizes so they can suit any style or length of hair.

The goal of every product made by Bonnet Bandits is the health of your hair.

Products made of materials, such as, cotton, satin, and polyester blends can leave your hair damaged, frizzy, dry and unprotected.   We know that wash days and salon trips cost a lot of time and money, and our goal is to help you maintain that investment by giving your hair the best daily care and protection.   With Bonnet Bandits products you can sleep, lounge, shower, and workout without stressing your tresses.

My “Tress-Timonial”

I created Bonnet Bandits because of my personal experience with my own hair! My hair drinks EVERYTHING and would stay dry constantly.   I realized satin was the culprit and my stylist at the time advised me to dump them straight in the trash! Now what? I had to find another way to protect my hair.   Research taught me that silk was a superior fabric to the satin bonnets and scarfs because:

  • Silk is natural and moisture-wicking which means it can breathe
  • Silk does not trap heat so. there’s NO sweat.  Silk stays cool all year around! No more chasing cool spots or sleeping in a puddle
  • Silk is has natural softness, luster and slip – which reduce frizz and damage from friction
  • Silk is hypoallergenic, which means it has a natural resistance to dust mites, mold and fungus. 
  • Silk is durable. Our bonnets can last up to 10 years!

With the limitless patterns and designs that silk offers, it was easy for me to make the switch and our products make it easy for you to do the same.

~ Founder Mariha Ineke